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Licensed Engineer (3rd assistant or higher)

Status: Now Accepting Applications

Company: Galliano Marine Service

16201 East Main Street

Cut Off, LA 70345

Recruiter: Nicky Collins

Office: (985) 601-4285

Fax: (985) 601-4237

The nature of vessel work calls for considerable skill on the part of the licensed engineer to supervise and coordinate the activities of the crew to the best advantage. While due regard must be paid to giving adequate rest periods by careful planning and personal attention, the licensed engineer is expected to maintain the ship in a clean and efficient condition.

Marine Functions

The licensed engineer will:

  • Inspect, maintain and test safety and lifesaving equipment, fire-fighting equipment and systems, navigational lights, ship's whistle, fog horn, and search and signal lights.
  • Be responsible for the cleaning, painting and general housekeeping to provide sanitary conditions on the vessel.
  • Inspect and test the internal communications system and the general alarm system.
  • Assist the captain in preparing the vessel for scheduled inspections and surveys.
  • Be responsible for keeping the captain advised of changes in the material condition of the vessel.
  • Be responsible to the captain for the safe navigation of the vessel while serving as the officer of the deck.
  • Be responsible for the assignment of crew members to handle lines for the mooring of the vessel.

Emergency Response Functions

The licensed engineer will:

  • Be responsible for taking the initiative to direct the actions of personnel at the scene of any emergency (in charge of the emergency squad).
  • Ensure that areas of responsibility are secured for adverse weather.
  • Provide first aid to injured personnel according to training or directions from the captain.
  • Be responsible for the launching of the life rafts.
  • Assume command of the vessel if the captain is incapacitated.

Supervisory Functions

The licensed engineer will:

  • Assign work to himself and deckhands, taking into account the weather, the vessel's schedule, crew size and experience, and supplies.
  • Supervise, instruct and assist the deckhands in the proper methods and procedures for completing maintenance and repair work.
  • Supervise the roustabout, the stevedores and the deckhands in the safe and proper stowage of deck cargo.
  • Train and assign personnel to sea watches and in-port security watches.
  • Implement on-the-job training of the deckhands under the direction of the captain, and in such a manner as to not interfere with any operations.
  • Train the crew in emergency procedures during drills, as directed by the captain.
  • Support the ongoing safety program on board the vessel by training members of the deck department in the wearing of protective clothing.
  • Stress the use of common sense and the need for alertness while carrying out assignments.
  • Recommend personnel for promotion and increase in pay.
  • Ensure that morale and discipline are properly maintained.
  • Keep a running inventory of amounts and expiration dates of lifesaving equipment, firefighting equipment and emergency equipment required and on board.
  • Perform any other additional duties that may be required or assigned.

When more than one licensed engineer is required, the licensed engineer may be designated as chief licensed engineer, first licensed engineer, second licensed engineer or third licensed engineer.

Minimum Requirements

  • Applicants must possess the following valid USCG documentation:
    • Engineer License
    • Valid MMD (Z-card) and Medical Certificate
    • Valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC card)
  • High school diploma preferred but not required
  • Reliable transportation to and from work for crew changes
  • Must pass pre-employment physical, drug screen, background check and Safe Gulf class
  • Subject to random drug screening


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • 401(k)
  • Company-paid short-term disability

EOE AA M/F/VET/Disability