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Chief Engineer

Status: Now Accepting Applications

Company: Galliano Marine Service

16201 East Main Street

Cut Off, LA 70345

Recruiter: Patrick Terrebonne


Applicants should submit resume and copy of credentials to .

Interviews will be completed virtually with selected candidates through Google Meet or FaceTime.

The chief engineer is responsible to the captain for the efficient management of the engineering function. It is essential for the efficiency of the ship that the captain is kept fully informed of the state of the machinery and equipment. The chief engineer supervises and coordinates activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining propulsion engines, deck machinery, and electrical, refrigeration and sanitary equipment aboard ship. On all technical matters, the chief engineer will receive instructions from the division management and guidance, where necessary, from the preventive maintenance department in Galliano.

Marine Functions

Although the actual performance of the maintenance checks and appropriate repairs to vessel equipment are the main duties, the proper completion of paperwork is in no way less important. The chief engineer is to be knowledgeable of the vessel's machinery status. He will maintain accurate and orderly files of vessel machinery and its maintenance. The chief engineer will:

  • Accurately record all vital plant information, take and record all fuel, lube and water soundings, and know the amount and location of all bulk materials on the vessel.
  • Maintain an ongoing machinery status list. This list will be updated each month and presented to the relieving chief engineer.
  • Be responsible for testing and troubleshooting equipment to isolate problems to the major sub-systems, so that he can complete the repair of the equipment himself or call in the appropriate technician.
  • Be responsible for routine maintenance of the machinery and equipment. This should include, but is not limited to, changing oil and filters, greasing the steering gear, anchor windlass, etc., performing electrical systems' maintenance, testing for and maintaining proper levels of diesel engine water treatment, and taking and mailing of lube oil samples.
  • Be responsible for maintaining emergency, radio and other power supply batteries in good condition. This should include checking the specific gravity of the electrolyte, maintaining proper electrolyte level, and cleaning of battery terminals and cell cases.
  • Be responsible for maintaining and ordering proper amounts of spares for all vital machinery.
  • Be responsible for operating and monitoring all machinery and engineering equipment. (This includes the prime movers, generators, steering equipment, service pumps, compressors, ventilation systems, alarms, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, etc.)
  • Be in charge of the upkeep and cleanliness of all engineering spaces.
  • Maintain a daily engineer log. He will be responsible for keeping a current and complete file of engineering manuals and blueprints. These files are to be kept in a clean and orderly arrangement.
  • Ensure that all bilges, rudder compartment and void spaces are kept as clean and dry as possible.
  • Be responsible for maintaining a proper engine room watch at all times when the vessel is underway.
  • Stand engine-room watch during specified periods, ensuring load on engines and generators are within acceptable limits, and that oil and grease cups are kept full.

Emergency Response Functions

The chief engineer will be:

  • In charge of the engine room equipment and all engineering personnel.
  • Responsible for securing the watertight or gas tight integrity of the vessel during an emergency.
  • Responsible for maintaining and testing of all emergency equipment in the engine room.
  • Responsible for starting the bilge and/or fire pumps.
  • In charge of shoring/emergency repairs.
  • In charge of securing engineering spaces/equipment for heavy weather, and assisting the mate in securing cargo and deck equipment.
  • In charge of providing first aid to injured personnel according to his training or at the direction of the captain.
  • In charge of operating the fixed firefighting systems.
  • Responsible for assisting on deck in a man overboard crisis.

Supervisory Functions

The chief engineer will be:

  • In charge of safety procedures on deck during transfer of fuel or other combustibles.
  • Responsible for training and supervision of all engineering personnel.
  • Responsible for training the crew in damage control procedures during drills, as directed by the captain.
  • Responsible for training engineering officers and unlicensed personnel in watch standing procedures and ensuring they are competent and completely familiar with their duties and responsibilities.
  • Responsible for supporting the ongoing safety program aboard the vessel by training members of the engineering department in the wearing of protective clothing and their duties during emergencies. The chief engineer will also stress the use of common sense and the need for alertness while carrying out their assignments.
  • Responsible for performing any other additional duties that may be required or assigned.

The chief engineer may also be required to hold a U.S. Coast Guard license depending upon tonnage of ship, type of engines, and means of transmitting power to propeller shaft.

Minimum Requirements

  • Valid U.S. Coast Guard license with a chief-engineer rating of at least 3000 (ITC) and 4000 HP
  • Valid USCG STCW 95 with engineer endorsement
  • Valid MMD (Z-card)
  • Experience with CAT engines

The Edison Chouest Offshore family of companies is committed to ensuring all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran. We are dedicated to ensuring all employees are treated with the utmost level of respect as we believe this is the strongest foundation to build upon to foster an environment where employees feel comfortable handling their assignments, sharing their ideas, and pointing out opportunities for improvement.

ECO offers competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package including a 401(k) match.

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