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Emmanuel DonkorCrew Member Assists Widows and Orphans in Ghana

The crew of the PÃO DE AÇÚCAR is justifiably proud of one of their fellow crew members for his amazing accomplishments. Emmanuel Donkor worked on board the vessel as an AB/rigger. He is always cheerful, hardworking and ready with a smile. As the founder and CEO of a non-profit corporation, he is also making a difference in the world.

Emmanuel has been assisting people in need in his homeland of Ghana for many years and incorporated a non-profit charity called E. Agape Ministries, focusing on helping widows and orphans in and from Ghana.

Emmanuel lives in Columbus, Ohio, and is dedicated to his family and his church. Emmanuel is also soon to be one of America's newest citizens. He has been studying hard for his citizenship test, and we look forward to celebrating his new status.

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