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Edison Chouest Offshore Employee Relief Fund

Dear Chouest Families,

We are sending this correspondence with heavy hearts as we have now seen first-hand the absolute devastation that Hurricane Ida has brought upon our communities and families throughout southern Louisiana. We have all suffered loss in one way or another from this disaster. Seeing and speaking with many of you has made us realize that now more than ever is the time we must choose hope. There is a famous saying that comes to mind, "Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful our experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster." This applies to all of us now more than ever. Edison Chouest Offshore is providing hope right now, and we want you all to join us in choosing to embrace it. This leads me into announcing to all of you the establishment of the Edison Chouest Offshore Employee Relief Fund. This fund is already collecting money from many of our partners, vendors, and friends far and wide who have joined us to support our Chouest families during these times of recovery to rebuild and come back stronger than ever. Please see below the details of this relief fund along with the link to apply for financial assistance.

Please use this link to apply online – https://employees1st.org/edison-chouest – or call Employees 1st at 888-448-2727.

Edison Chouest Offshore Employee Relief Fund FAQs

1.) What does the Edison Chouest Offshore Employee Relief Fund assist with?

This relief fund will help to cover basic household living essentials. The IRS defines this as: food, shelter, transportation, and medical supplies.

2.) Who will evaluate each family need upon application?

We have partnered with the Employee Assistance Foundation, a leader in providing disaster relief. As a third-party administrator, they are a confidential and unbiased entity who will evaluate each individual need for assistance based upon established criteria.

3.) What are the determining criteria for assistance?

The team at the Employee Assistance Foundation will ask for and then review each applicant's total monthly household expenses. The disposable income remaining, if any, after regular household expenses are paid for will be evaluated. If the remaining funds are not sufficient to cover the cost of the emergency, the employee will then be approved for financial aid.

4.) What company employees are included to apply?

All Chouest affiliated company employees are included to apply for relief apart from those under the GIS and Bollinger umbrellas, who have established their own relief funds.

5.) What are some common examples of qualification?

  1. hotel stay during or after evacuation due to uninhabitable home conditions
  2. fuel for car, generators, etc.
  3. deductible for home insurance
  4. food and other perishable items lost during or after the storm

6.) What are some common examples that DO NOT QUALIFY?

  1. downed fences that do not interfere with the living conditions of your home
  2. damaged sheds, boat houses, warehouses, work areas
  3. damaged secondary homes, camps, boats, vehicles etc.
  4. debris clean up
  5. recreational items such as TVs, game consoles, speakers, etc.

7.) What should be included, if possible, at the time of application?

  1. copy of home insurance
  2. storm expense receipts, paper or digital
  3. pictures of damage
  4. copy of invoices for repair

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