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C-Innovation's Success Leads to Another Multi-Year Contract for RLWI Work

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C-Innovation signed a two-year contract for continued Riserless Light Well Intervention services on board the ISLAND VENTURE.

HOUSTON, TX, April 29, 2022 — C-Innovation (C-I) signed a two-year contract for continued Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) services on board the ISLAND VENTURE. The new contract comes on the heels of a previous agreement in which the ISLAND VENTURE performed interventions on multiple deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico. "This new award is a continuation of nearly three years of setting new standards in the Riserless Well Intervention space," stated David Sheetz, C-Innovation Vice President. "We are constantly working to change the way the industry looks at RLWI work to increase production in this ever-changing market."

The adherence to safety aids is C-I's success. C-I is committed to ensuring the continual improvement of the quality, health, safety, and environmental aspects of its operations and services. The two-year RLWI work is no exception: with over 1 million man-hours, C-I had zero recordables. Year to date, C-I has clocked over 135,000 hours with no recordables.

C-I's success is not only measured by its QHSE practices, but also by its ability to overcome obstacles and set new standards. With no safe vertical access to several subsea wells under a platform, the C-I Subsea Projects Group was able to find a solution by utilizing a well service jumper to perform well interventions. This collaborative effort between C-I and the operator was a first for the industry and allowed C-I to perform the intervention without disrupting the platform's operations.

George Wilson, C-I's RLWI Project Manager, stated, "The contract award for additional RLWI work is a credit to the entire RLWI team. Our team continues to provide creative solutions and methodologies to perform interventions that have not been achievable from a conventional RLWI approach previously. The collaboration of various subsea disciplines within our group has contributed to the successes, and our offshore teams continue to deliver on every execution that comes their way. I am extremely proud to work with some of the brightest people in our industry."

The teamwork of C-I comes from all those involved, including the Commercial Team, the Vessel Operations department, the Subsea Projects Group, and C-I's subcontractors – Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and Caltex Oil Tools – who were key to the new award. Sheetz added, "The success of these multiple wells has shown us what it takes to lead the charge in this paradigm shift. We have built an excellent team and continue to grow it. This strong base, as well as the contributions of our partners in this endeavor, has allowed us to look beyond traditional interventions with the Well Service Jumper and other special projects on tap for later in 2022 and beyond. We look forward to the next few years on this project, and we are already making plans to expand the offering, including numerous dock upgrades to facilitate even more efficient fluid handling and waste removals to minimize required between-wells maintenance time."

C-I's RLWI solutions represent a safe, efficient, and cost-effective intervention method for its clients. This long-term contract is another indication of that.

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