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ECO Assists Inner-City High School Students

Maritime Industries Academy logoBaltimore City is the home of the Maritime Industries Academy (MIA), an inner-city high school focused on attracting and developing students interested in pursuing a maritime career. The Academy, which includes a four-year Naval ROTC program, is supported by a board of directors comprised of a number of private sector maritime interests. Daryl Owen, ECO's Washington, DC representative, serves on this board.

In support of the MIA, Edison Chouest established a two-week internship program this summer. Under this program, rising senior students traveled to Chouest headquarters in Louisiana where they received basic training and were employed, both on and offshore, in Chouest's operations. They were housed and fed at Chouest's expense and were paid a modest salary for their work. Those students who were interested at the conclusion of the summer internship program were invited to return to Lafourche after graduation where they can enter Chouest's U.S. Coast Guard certified training program and begin their maritime careers.

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