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C-Innovation ROV

Looking to the Future with Innovative ROV Solutions

A growing number of Chouest vessels offer remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capabilities providing innovative subsea solutions to the many complex challenges facing today's offshore industry. In 2007, ECO created C-Innovation (C-I) to meet the increasing demand for technologically advanced subsea operations. Serving a global customer base, C-I provides a wide range of ROV services, including subsea construction, field development, engineering and project management.

The C-I ROV fleet is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge subsea technology utilizing an intelligent control system designed for precise operations. The control system features multiple sensors providing ongoing system monitoring in real time, allowing for immediate diagnostics should an issue arise. A remote monitoring function allows real-time onshore observation of ROV system diagnostics and streaming video during subsea operations. The Mid-Water StationKeep feature uses an inertial navigation system combining a ring laser gyro, high accuracy accelerometers and depth sensors to provide very accurate position and velocity. This allows the ROV to maintain a set position throughout the entire water column.

ROV OperatorsAround the clock communications with ROV operations is achieved through real-time remote monitoring, diagnostics, logistics support and streaming video. Utilizing satellite technology, each ROV system is in constant communication with a central operations center via the Internet. This feature is available with each ROV system, providing clients with a new level of communications and advanced project awareness.

Detailed mission planning is a key component to every ROV operation. Using training simulators prepared for a multitude of virtual environments, a virtual scene and its players are developed for each mission, providing an important tool for pre-mission briefings and procedure planning.

Once a mission is underway, C-I's Augmented Reality System (ARS) monitors ROV operations. This real-time situational tool utilizes feedback from multiple sensors to create a series of real-time virtual digital images of the ROV's position in relation to its task project and subsea environment. This technology is complementary to C-I's ROV training simulation and can be developed in parallel to mission planning and training applications.

C-I ROV systems are equipped with a generous complement of sparing so needed components are always available. Handling systems are designed to accommodate large weather windows so operations can be conducted safely without harm to personnel, equipment or the environment. Find out more on C-Innovation's website by clicking here.

C-Innovation ROVROV Services by C-Innovation

  • Drill support
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Rapid intervention
  • Mooring
  • Subsea construction
  • Completions
  • Metrology and survey
  • Salvage and decommissioning
  • Field development
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Integrated project services