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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE Policy)

The Company is committed to providing the best possible working conditions for all of our employees. To accomplish this, the Company will comply with applicable occupational health, safety, and environmental regulations; and conform with established quality processes by developing the best operations, procedures and policies to promote such conditions. In order to reach these goals, the Company has created the Management System. The policies, procedures and guidelines within are intended solely for the use of employees of the Chouest family of companies. They are intended to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents, environmental incidents, and non-conformances.

The safety and health of our employees, the protection of the environment, and the satisfaction of our customers are the Company's greatest responsibilities. These are accomplished through our dedication to QHSE excellence. Management requires all employees, as a condition of employment, to execute high quality work in a safe and healthful manner by observing all applicable regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

The same firm commitment will be required from our suppliers and subcontractors, especially those involved with the transportation or disposal of hazardous materials.

Quality, health, safety, and environmental aspects of our operations shall always be considered as being equally important, in the planning and development of products and services, as other business objectives.

The company and its employees are committed to ensuring the continual improvement of the quality, health, safety, and environmental aspects of our operations, services and the management system itself through the establishment of objectives and targets.

All employees and contractors, regardless of rank or position, should feel free to stop any job when safety concerns arise. Work shall recommence once the safety of the operation can be assured. We, as leaders, must continually promote and reinforce this ethic by setting an example and making the Company's expectations well known.

We will be diligent in delivering what we promise and earn the respect of each other, the public, our customers, and everyone that we interact with daily.

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Our management and employees pledge:

  • To be good stewards of the Earth by protecting and, where practical, improving the land and water resources where we conduct our operations.
  • To promote environmental awareness and a sense of environmental responsibility in our employees, suppliers and clients, providing training as required.
  • To communicate with governments and other agencies responsible for creating effective laws and regulations to safeguard the environment while carrying on vital resource exploration.
  • To maintain the highest degree of integrity with our clients, government officials, and the public in addressing environmental concerns, being especially diligent to deliver what we promise, recognizing that public trust is difficult to build, but simple to shatter.
  • To make environmental considerations a priority in our planning and development of products and services.
  • To be especially vigilant when working in environmentally unique areas, such as tropical rain forests, wetlands, and tundra; or sensitive habitats of birds, animals, or marine life; and in or near historically or culturally important sites and artifacts.
  • To require a firm commitment to environmentally responsible operations from our suppliers and subcontractors, especially those involved with the transportation or disposal of hazardous or waste materials.
  • To demonstrate by our actions at every level, that our management and employees are truly committed to these principles.
  • To be committed to continual improvements and prevention of pollution.
  • To establish and maintain environmental performance objectives throughout the organization.
  • We will be sensitive to local community concerns about the environmental impact of our operations and will educate the public in understanding the operation of our vessels and demonstrate how important the environment is to us.

Edison Chouest Offshore Training Center

A common thread shared by every Chouest company is the steadfast commitment to safety. ECO's state-of-the-art training center is one of the most advanced in the world. Staffed by Coast Guard-certified instructors, the ECO training center offers a wide range of classroom instruction, as well as simulated exercises in water survival, firefighting and advanced vessel control.

A Steadfast Commitment to Safety

It is our policy to provide each and every one of our employees with a safe and healthful working environment. In working toward this goal, continued emphasis will be placed upon accident prevention, employee awareness and health protection.

Employees at all levels of the workforce shall make job safety a priority in all of their operations. Our safety rules, policies and guidelines shall be followed at all times. Additionally, applicable safety rules and regulations of local, state, client and federal authorities must be followed.

Training Calendar

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ECO Training Center

Safety Bonus Point Program

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If you have questions about points or logging in, contact Darla Gregory, HSE Assistant, at 985-601-4444 ext. 51689. If you have questions about orders or merchandise, please contact Wayne Enterprises, Inc. at 1-800-749-0947.

Questions about the program? Click here to download the ECO Safety Bonus Program Policy.

Report Fraud / Abuse

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